Watch for Motorcycles!

"Watch for motorcycles!"  We see that frequently.  On billboards.  On LED signs.  On bumper stickers.  What sucks is that people don't seem to pay attention to that anymore than they do to anything else.

Just a few days ago, I was almost run into a concrete divider by a fat woman in a white Ford Transit Connect van, who must have assumed that by signalling automatically means the lane is clear.

Considering that I was only a car length behind her when she started signalling (and I was already in the left lane), she couldn't claim that she had plenty of space.

Plus when she started coming over anyway, and I laid on the horn as I passed her, she didn't stop coming over.  She completed the lane change anway.  She obviously didn't care that I was there.  It's a shame I couldn't get the business information from the side of her vehicle so that I could report her.

I then watched her in my mirrors as she stayed in the left lane (holding up traffic) for the next five miles, until I turned off the main road.  I would watch cars stack up behind her, waiting for her to move right, but she never would.  Eventually they would go around her using the right lane.

I believe Oregon either just passed or is about to pass a law (finally) making it illegal to camp in the left lane.  Though not like cops will actually do anything about it, when ticket revenues from speeding fines are far higher and easier to generate.

So... like is said so often, please watch for motorcycles.  The life you save might be mine. :)