The Oregon Fat-Ass

I often use the term "fatass" or "Oregon fatass" in my postings.  I thought I'd take a moment and define it.

Since living in Oregon, I have been rather surprised by the sheer number of morbidly obese people.  Men and women both, though the women outnumber the men by two or even three to one.  So when I use the term "fatass," it doesn't simply mean somebody overweight... a great many Americans are overweight.  These are people who are very obviously in need of something... liposuction, a year's vacation to Ethiopia, something.

Most of the time when out driving or riding my motorcycle, if there's a slow car in the left lane, there's a fatass driving it, and  usually female.  What's almost amusing is that often times, these are small cars.  I honestly wonder how these people get in and out of these vehicles.  I mean... do they use grease and a shoe-horn?  The steering wheel is usally pressed right up againts them.  I think if the airbag goes off, the airbag is gonna lose.

I also see these people waddling (somebody this big can't simply walk; they waddle) through stores, often 2-3 abreast with friends or family members, rendering an entire lane unusable.  In fact, a good third of these types don't even attempt to waddle.  They use those Power Chair things that some stores provide free of charge.  Hey, why walk when you can ride for free?

Last time I went to Dairy Queen, there was a fatass woman in her own Power Chair in there, getting ice cream of course.  Then she motored on out the door and down the sidewalk to wherever she was going.

I know there's a thing going around called, "fat shaming" that's supposedly a no-no.  I don't subscribe to that.  Like I said earlier, if you're simply overweight, no big deal.  Many people are.  Technically, I'm about 15 lbs heavier than I should be for my height.  It's the ones that are truly, and obviously so big that they really need to do something about it before they drop dead of a stroke or something.

So, there's my definition of fatass, and I stand by it.