Years ago, the FOXNews website had a column called "Grrrr" that was written by Mike Straka.  He used the term (he may have coined it), "oblivions."  These are people so completely clueless and wrapped up in themselves and their own distorted sense of reality, that they really have no idea what's going on around them.

I miss that column, because it was something of an outlet, to read about his encounters with this type of person.  People would write in and tell him about their experiences, and he would sometimes share them in his column.

Today I'll share one of mine.  I went to the local Safeway for a few groceries.  Just as I walked in to get a cart, there's this older woman, probably in her mid 60's, getting a cart.  So I stand ther and wait, politely and quietly.  And wait.  And wait and she very slowly and obliviously gets it and finally starts away from the very small cart area.

I grab a cart and head for produce.  Oh there she is... maybe 6' away from the cart room, heading the same direction, at 0.1 mph.  I finally manage to get around her, grab a couple of items, and head on to grab the rest of my items.

After grabbing milk, I double beck to get some frozen pizzas.  There she is, in the frozen items aisle, cart not quite parked in the middle, but she's standing next to it IN the middle of the aisle, in the way.  I say excuse me and squeeze past her, and she is again oblivious to everything.

A few minutes later, I remember that I wanted to check to see if an item was in stock that wasn't last time.  I head up that aisle and it's full of people.  Ugh, I hate that.  Oh wait... guess what?  It's her again. She is the cause of the traffic jam.  People are doing their best to get around her and she is just completely and totally unaware that anything is going on around her.

Once past her, I grab my final few items, and then head over to the self-checkout.  In a matter of minutes, I'm done and ready to leave the store.  While heading to the exist... aw what the HELL?  THERE SHE IS AGAIN, in the very middle of the only way out of the store past all the checkstands, digging in her purse, surrounded by people.

Having already had enough of her the previous three times, there was just barely enough space on her left to squeeze by with my cart.  I bumped her arm when I did and said excuse me.  She didn't react or respond at all.  100% oblivious.

It truly scares me that people like this exist, because odds are very high that she owns a car and drives herself around.  I would really hate to see how she drives, because I would bet money that it's exactly like she acted in the store.

The naysayers would say I'm being overly critical and should just accept her for who she is.  I disagree, of course.  Rather than all of the population accept her inability to deal with reality, she should receive the education (and/or medication) needed to function without being a drain on society in this way.